"So Much Things To Say Right Now" - L.Hill

Peace yall.

Sorry you havent heard from me in a minute, I havent been able to log in. I have a few things to update the BNB Community on, including events and tons of new music.

So...I bought the new Common album, just to see what it was all about. Its...interesting. I like the Muhsinah song, and I like the song with the other singer chick on it. But the album over all is not what my ears were planning on. Lyrically, Common has moved to another place. I guess major labels / mainstream fame can do that. UMC has a lot of sexual references...its odd to me. The album over all reminds me of the Electric Circus era (which was a good but weird era for Com), but UMC is vastly different than the LWFC days. I dunno, what do yall think about the album?

anyway, moving on.


We love new music at BNB. Our boy Dahliam hooked us up with his latest project, entitled METRENOME. Its a collection of exclusive instrumentals and goodies from OC /LA multi-talented artist (and looooong time friend of mine) Dahliam. Check for him on the beatmaker circuit along with our peeps PUDGE, Dibiase, Aiyro, and all those dudes.


http://www. megaupload. com/?d=9OCGEDZ7

this is the first tidbit of my big BNB update. Party schedule, Holiday stuff, more new music, an exclusive BNB funk mix from DJ Sean O and other dopeness are on the way throughout the weekend so stay tuned. hollerataplayer.

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