President Elect, Barack Obama

To everyone who got up early and stood in line to vote, those of you who took time during your lunch at work to vote, and to all of Barack Obama's supporters:

Yesterday was historic. People stood in line for hours to be able to cast their vote in the hopes of electing someone who can bring change to America. And their efforts did not go unnoticed. A record 82% of registered voters in LA County voted yesterday. 54.5% of the voters in America were 18-29 year olds. Amazing.

My mom wanted to run down the street with an American flag screaming "O-BA-MA!" at the top of her lungs and then remembered she has arthritis and can't; so she hobbled around the house like a lunatic laughing and cheering calling everyone she knew to tell them the good news.
I watched President elect Obama promise "I will listen to you... I will ask you join in the work of remaking this nation... Block by block, brick by brick, callused hand by callused hand." and felt astonished, hopefull, and proud.

You will never forget where you were when you watched/heard President Elect Obama win. People danced in the streets, brought traffic to a standstill, and marveled that they lived to see the day that a black man was elected president.

I feel proud to be an American today.
Congratulations, Mr. President.

you're still my boo, baracky.

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