Conscious Love.

As we settle into winter, love and relationships seem to become more enticing. The Do Over flings have concluded, the fickle flavors of summer are dwindling, and real life is taking affect once more. It feels like once the weather gets cold, so does the lonely heart. Those who are single feel the chill a bit more; those who are connected hibernate; and those who's status is "pending" spiral into an emotional whirlwind (self included).
Lately Ive found myself diving into movies and books and stories about love. I watch my parents (who partially inspired this entry), and I watch my friends who's relationships are really working...and I love it. My boss is getting married next month, and she is so in love. Its beautiful. And Leo...my God, Leo...she got House Shoes to be Michael Buchanan. Its amazing. Watching him love her (in his own Shoes kind of way) is so cute and so blessed. A few of my other friends have sewn it up and settled into love, and they wear it well.
Anyway, my parents went on an "ice cream sundae date" tonight and it got me thinking about our generation and its interpretation of love. I'm researching "The Conscious" and right now learning about Conscious Love, and I wanted to share an excerpt of what I have learned:

Love without divination is elementary. To be in love demands that
the lover shall divine the wishes of the beloved long before they have come
into the beloved's own consciousness. He knows her better than she
knows herself; and loves her more than she loves herself; so that she
becomes her perfect self without her own conscious effort. Her conscious
effort, when the love is mutual, is for him. Thus each delightfully works
perfection in the other.

Skyy, Can You Feel Me - Raphael Saadiq

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