BNB Top 3 : Fly Lo + Jordan Rockswell + Madlib ft Frank N Dank

BNB Top 3 - 11/10/08

Roberta Flack - Flying Lotus

This joint has been poppin up on my iTunes random a lot lately. LA's golden child, Flying Lotus did his thing on this one. Check for more from him...everywhere. Hes easy to find.

Listen 2 Me (Remix) - Jordan Rockswell

Jordan Rockswell is someone I really love, yo. Hes been producing hits for Shawn Jackson and a bunch of other dope artists for a minute, and this track is a great display of his skills. Feel the groove.

Party Song - Newman

Newman of Giant Panda and Shawn Jackson are hittin the streets with New Jack Hustle. I dig this joint a lot.

Drinks Up! - Madlib + Frank N Dank

BNB loves Madlib. Thats a given. BNB LOVES FRANK N DANK, especially Nittworth Lustable! So prepare to love this track.


ps this is the amended version of this post.

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