BNB Top 3 : Suzi Analog + TaRaach + J&J

BNB Top 3

BNB gets a ton of good music sent our way. We've been circulating BNB Tastemaker CD's around LA the last couple months with our favorite joints on it (holler if you want one), and to coincide with the Tastemaker joints we're gonna start posting goodies for yall to listen to.

Here's the first installment, with a couple tracks we're feeling.

1. U$ - Suzi Analogue myspace.com/effuimpretty

2. Brazilian - TaRaach myspace.com/taraach

3. D.I.S.C.O. Dynamite - Johnson and Jonson myspace.com/herfavcolor

Check em out, tell us what you think. We love them.

1 comment:

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