LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL - Photojournalism from kyLA.

i was walking down Melrose the other morning around 10am and passed by this building. i crossed the street and saw a Benz, a BMW and lots of other expensive cars parked in the Starbucks parking lot and wished that I was among the privileged who could afford fancy cars and $5 coffee every day. I kept on walking, caught up in thought, and passed a mother with 3 kids at her sides. The kids looked hungry and mama looked like she'd had enough. Some boys were on the corner huddled in a rap cipher under a billboard of Miles Davis playing his horn. Latin music, then gospel music poured from cars slowly passing by with their windows down and i saw the man in car #1 lean in and kiss the lady who was his passenger. Car #2 hosted an argument (the one with the gospel music). It involved the word b-i-t-c-h and the passenger got out in a flustered mess.
i looked at every one and studied each scenario. I saw the poor, the rich, the wannabe rich...the hungry mother, the stardom-hungry rap circle and a bunch of other passersby, and was suddenly overwhelmed. So much life was around me. So much circumstance. But I just kept walking. Until I saw Billie Holiday. And the words "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL". It summed up the moment perfectly and stopped me in my tracks.

"life is beautiful", such truth to that. i learned a lesson that day, and appreciate my circumstances and my life even more. That morning on Melrose stuck with me, and I just want to share it with the BNB fam. So just...appreciate life yall.

Thanks for reading.


  1. brought tears to my eyes kyla... life IS beautiful!

  2. wow...you're the kind of photog we need...www.stageandscreenwriters.com

    you have selected a perfect shot for Black N Bling...i love Billie and the bush and the street sign and the slightly faded look is sumptuous; oh yeah the dry grass and the couch, what details!...nice nice nice

  3. the crazy thing yall, is that i took this pic with my cell phone lol. not even the elaborate DSLR, just my BlackJack. Glad yall are feelin it though, thanks xo.


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