New Common + Pharrell Video.

Knowledge showed this to me.
We dont quite know how to feel about it.

How do YOU feel?

leave a comment.



  1. not a fan.
    not hating.
    just saying.
    not a fan..

    and sakura pens dont come that thick of a point size. not like its a sharpie. damn.

  2. Okay,
    First of all....
    THe two dancing girls really annoy me.
    I've seen girls dance at Project Blowed and Dvooa's head knodd session that would blow them away.
    That isn't hip hop.
    The whole concept was not hip hop.
    At least not the hip hop I know.

  3. i mean it's not h.e.r. but i can dig it...

    the chicks annoyed me. too pinkee. the girls in the back to school target commercial get down better than them.

    shit... I can get down better than them lol.

  4. "/ kinda expected common and pharrell to come with it.
    kinda disappointing. the video was boring... and where's the KOFI??!?!


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