Meet Suzi Analogue.

$@ = Suzi Analogue.

suzi analogue
BNB found the Analogue girl on our favorite online resource, Myspace. Turns out she knows everyone we know, and is even working with a few cats in within the BNB network. Suzi Analogue is 'the' soprano for 2008. She has an instant vintage sound, and is the "it" girl for gritty yet sophisticated song composition. Her music transcends time, with harmonies reminiscent of Sunday morning church service and lead vocals that pierce through like only a new-school hippy can do. If you like good music, you'll LOVE Suzi Analogue. We do.

Suzi's the new chick around BNB. We'll be keeping you up to date with all things Analogue, as well as lacing you with exclusive downloads and maybe even a beat CD from this multi-talented musical wonder. (lol, im ghey for that one) But yeah, keep checkin in cuz we've got a lot on the way from Suzi Analogue.

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