Drink Wit Me

This one goes out to my boy Ryan The Robot.

"i dont even drink like that..but this song captured what its like to love the buzz you have when tipsy." -Ryan The Robot

Lots of Parties this weekend yall, starting tonight at the Rootdown. Be there and be safe.

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  1. PEACE TO KYLA and RYAN THE ROBOT on this pick. Off the record VELL was my 1st artist I ever worked with back in circa 88'. I was in my first group called the Project One which consisted of myself only then I was WHITE ICE, Vell and DJ JOC MAX supa producer of Beyond Real. (DJ Spinna's Label).
    I was actually his dj for Vell during the release of this album which came out on WILD WEST/AMERICAN not Loud RCA. Vell's album was released right after THE NONCE released MixTApes and Superb's "90008" classic 12". Vell ripped live at the Goodlife and rep'd heavy on the coast with DJ SLIP of CMW on production along with DeAndre Griffith who produced 2Pac as producers of his album. We open for DARK SUN RIDERS Tour with Brotha J. RAP SHEET Magazine Showcase 95'
    VELL is my brotha from KC where I originally came from. If any you have my Seventh Letter Volume 2 cd you will find a song on my mix titled RECORDS & TAPES. Plus let me mention Vell is Tech 9 older blood cousin. REAL FAM BAM.
    That where we hung on those steps in what we called The Holy Temple. 39th and Leeds that was the neighborhood we would kick in. Shout to Skook, Zeno, ACA, Frank Nitti, 1/2 pint, and all the Holy Temple Bandits.


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