BUFF1 - There's Only One In-Stores TODAY!!

Buff1 - There's Only 1

As many of you know, Buff1 is blowing up on the circuit now.
I got a chance to bump the new album weeks before its release.
When I got the package I was soooo excited.

As I quickly the put the cd in my player, the production really blew me away.
I mean Buff has always had dope beats thanks to the Lab Techs (Shout outs to Haricut, 14kt, & Vaughn T).
The production on the new album is really CRISP.
He's got bangers from the Lab Techs again, "Beat The Speakers Up" is the hardcore drum beats thats gonna knock you out!
Buff went back to the D, and got love from Black Milk on the fresh track, "Never Fall". This album really adds to the fact that all you need is dope beats, dope rhymes and you have a QUALITY product.

Buff1 spits his heart out on tracks like "Classic Rap", where he name drops most of all the classic rap acts we all know and love.
"Numbers Can't Measure" is a track with that Now On crew, with each MC spitting bars for days.

With all the B.S. you have to sift through nowadays, Buff1's album is a diamond in the rough.
Definitely, Go get your copy and tell everybody, "There's Only 1!"

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