BNB Friend Of The Week! - Special Edition

This go round the BNB friend of the Week goes to two of our regulars:
DJ Rhettmatic + Frank Nitt

These boys have been working hard in the lab on a brand new EP and it is FIRE.
BNB got the inside scoop on all the new tracks from these two, as well as an exclusive preview of the project (audio snippet coming soon). So get ready world...FNR are comin for ya!
After the head nod session (theres even a song called "BLACKNBLING") and a little Playstation time, BNB and the guys headed over to the beach to grab some photos to coincide with the EP. Long Beach felt like Venice Beach; filled with crazies and couples and booties and tons of other bits of madness. A random lady insisted on "art directing" the shoot, yelling and grunting (mainly at her boo, Nitty) throughout the photo session. She wanted her picture taken, and of course we had to oblige. The shoot was pretty informal; Rhett got in the zone and Frank was distracted by the lady lol. Tons of laughs kept the session flowin, and a blunt session earlier that day kept the boys relaxed and unaware of the lens.

After wrapping the shoot, the next move was to Roscoes. Then it was back to the crib and checked out the images. More laughter filled Rhettmatics crib while reliving the jokes and stories from earlier in the day. A few prime images were selected, music was made, and BNB peaced out. Good times with FNR, and an AMAZING project to come. Stay Tuned...

* * * * *
Nitty's Boo aka The Crazy Lady

Nittworth Lustable aka Chocolate Chip

Mr. Lustmatic

kyLust as the photographer.

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