BNB Fashion is BACK, foo!

BNB loves fashion. And we love people who love fashion. We've got a couple fashion gurus in the fam that have yet to get any shine. With that in mind, we're bringing back the section in the blog where we put you up on stuff we love in the world of clothing and dope accessories. Def Sound is still that dude, but we're opening up the fashion segment to another one of BNB's favorite fly guys. That guy is Big Nate Detroit. Nate's gonna give up the goods on all things fashion for the BNB crew, and even point out some Do's and Don'ts from time to time. So keep up with us, yall, cuz BNB is steady movin.

L to R : Big Nate Detroit, Jay Electronica (I just thought he'd look funny in a skinny suit)

And this dude (below) looks fresh in just about anything :

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