"Because Im Beautiful" - Abstract Butta Fingas


out TODAY! o8.o8.o8.


'Because I'm Beautiful' couldn't come at a better time. Designed to a be a time capsule of sorts featuring some of LA's young inspiring, alternative artists, it serves as a reminder that no matter how different we may be we are all beautiful because we come from beauty, light and love. he CD will be available on 080808, a date that astrologers and numerologist consider the day of the open portal, the portal of self realization and awareness. The music on this CD is not just music, but is based on the same principles that negative forces have been using to blur the subconscious and delay the full human from awakening. The words and sounds are meant to tap into your subconscious and raise the sleeping self that has been drugged into a comatose state by the constant bombardment of mind numbing nonsense.

Lyricatalyst, Def Sound, Tamara Blue, and Irie-I

for more on Because Im Beautiful, check out ABF's myspace:


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  3. I like the forward thinking musical journey. In a world where most music is cookie cuttered, this is a great attempt to set off into uncharted territory. keep bangin' 'em out mr. ABF!

  4. a.b.f. is coming up. do not sleep on this joint.

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