"You Cant Rush Good Music" - Hustleman from Martin

When it comes to good music, I agree with Hustleman. You can't rush good music. And in the spirit of good music, blacknbling wants to share with you some of our favorite summer picks.

1. DJ Haylow "Look on the Sunny Side"

This CD is a rare find from bay-area selector DJ Haylow. The mix has a great summertime feel, with classic tunes from Roy Ayers, Eddie Kendricks and even D'Angelo and DJ Quik.

2. THE GASLAMP KILLER " Its A Rocky Road : Volume 2"

As we all know, Willow is a musical beast. This mix of sounds is a true representation of GLK's love for all things eclectic. Just when you think you're vibin out, GLK totally changes it up on you and makes you wanna say "ohhhhh!" with the next piece that comes in. Truly amazing music.

3. Chris Clarke "Your Man Universal..."

Chris Clarke always has a special place in my heart. His music has such a unique edge, and like I told him on the phone earlier, i LOVE his rapper-man voice. Its like Shock G, but more grizzly. And he has so many voices that he uses on his tracks, it keeps the album mad colorful with a lot of textures. BUY THIS ALBUM. Aaaaaand...Chris is playing at the Rootdown tomorrow, (Thurs 7/3) at Little Temple. This is not a show to miss!

4. DJ Rhettmatic "Soundbytes Series"

Ive been bangin out Volume 2 of the Soundbytes Series. This CD is nothing but heat! Dwele, Dilla, Mary J Blige, Sade....it is amazing!! Rhett has a musical taste that cant be touched, and this mix reeeeally shows off some of his faves. Cop this at Fat Beats NOW!

5. JRocc "Dilla" + "James Brown and Friends..." + "Sex Machine" mixes

wow. You already know. JRocc comes with it. All three of these mixes are ridiculous! Find JRocc, cop these immediately if you havent already. And look out for whatevers next from him and cop that too! I think these mixes are available at Fat Beats, and JRocc has them on him too.

6. Presto "Lost and Found - Unreleased Beats"

For all my beat heads out there, don't sleep. Presto has got some dope tracks for the people, so feel free to fall in love. His album "State of the Art" just dropped on June 17th and is available for digital download on iTunes, and for sale at Turntable Lab and Fat Beats.


BNB's Friend of the Week, and newest in-house guy, Pudge, has got what you need. Blacknbling got some exclusive new tracks from this guy, and we've been stalking the song player on his myspace page the past few weeks. This dude is TRUTH. He's got a few projects on the horizon, and we're hooking him up with a few of our folks (Niamh in the UK, Slum Vil, Frank Nitt), so be on the look out for this dude to blow up. If you've been sleepin on him, WAKE UP. Pudge also produced (and emcee'd on) the theme song for the BNB Mixtape that'll be coming out later in the year, along with our beloved Jimetta Rose and Chris Clarke. The track "Bamboo Parking" will be a BNB leak in the next couple weeks, cuz I know yall want to know who's doing what on the album. That said, get ready to BLING ON THE SYSTEM with us real soon, yall.

love and blessings.



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  1. yeah, that DJ Haylow is tha shit!! haha
    Thanks for the shout out, I appreciate it. Heres the link to my mix for you to post, and for everyone else to download!



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