BLING ON THE SYSTEM : finally, some info + a song!!

Well, well all.
The week has begun and its back to the grind. Summer is in full swing and all of us have a full plate of ideas and adventures to pursue. We, too, have got tons of great stuff on the horizon over in the Land of the Bling. As many of you know, we're collabing with DJ Rhettmatic on our premiere compilation entitled "Bling On The System". This project has really come together wonderfully, and with over 50 songs submitted for the album, we have our hands more than full. Anyway, a lot of you have been asking who has contributed to the mixtape, and now we're finally ready to tell. We've got a few tricks up our sleeves, so we wont tell all, but heres an overview of some of the cats who've sent us tracks. Now remember, BNB is LA based, so we're shedding light on the talent in our town, but honestly, we've got some HEATERS coming from all over the globe.

- Jamer$on (indie LA digital beat maker)
- Trek Life + Oddisee
- Shawn Jackson (Tres)
- Snowman (All City)
- Marv1 (Detroit) + 14KT (The Lab Techs)
- Blu
- Big Tone (Mojoe Music)
- Oh No + Roc C + Chino XL
- Buff 1
- Proh Mic
- Prince Po
- Dibiase
- Pudge + Chris Clarke + Jimetta Rose (these three created the album's theme song)
- House Shoes + Danny Brown
- Illa J
- Ta'Raach + Madlib (brand new collabo)
- Frank Nitt (Frank-N-Dank) + Sepalot (Germany)
- Dvooa
- Co$

This is SERIOUS yall!! Big Pooh (Little Brother), Young RJ (Detroit), J1....the list goes on and on and on!! So now that we've got your attention, we want to hit yall off with a little exclusive. Check this out, NO ONE has heard any of the songs off the mixtape yet, but because blacknbling loves you, we want our loyal readers to be the first to hear a track off of BLING ON THE SYSTEM.

So here it is:

"Bamboo Parking" - Chris Clarke, Jimetta Rose, and P.U.D.G.E
Produced by Pudge of the VJC // blacknbling.
(snippet..duh, we're not just gonna give it up like that.)


  1. I can't wait.. That snippet is truly a TEASE!!! :)
    BNB<3POR VIDA!!!

  2. Yup Yup! Looking forward to this ish like whoa.

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