It's time to SHINE + Weekend Party Schedule

Hey all.
Just got in from SHINE, a party thrown by DJ Rhettmatic, Medaphor, and the boys from Archrival. It all took place at Jimmy's Lounge on Santa Monica Blvd. I must say, this was a great time, especially for a Tuesday night! The place was full, the music was dope, and the venue is really fresh too. This is definitely an event to start checking out on Tuesday nights. Oh, and there was a taco man serving up FREE tacos all night...cant beat that!
Muchos Love to all the Lusty Boys in the house, too!!

"In Lust We Trust"

So this weekend there are a few things going on around town.


Low End Theory @ the Airliner


The Rootdown @ Little Temple, Silverlake
Special guest Jeremy Sole


EPMD + Mr Choc @ Crash Mansion

Pause @ Tantra, Silverlake

Soul Sessions @ Grand Star Jass Cafe


J1 // Animal Kingdom + BNB : "The Get Right" @ Cranes Tavern

Soundlessons @ E 3rd St Cafe wsg Spinderella


The Do Over @ Cranes Tavern
(Im not supposed to tell, but its a Detroit edition so all you Dilla heads better be there)

Sunday School @ Zanzibar
J-Logic and crew put it down every Sunday night!

i heart this guy.

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  1. I heard, Some other dude with *Weedlike hair is Dj'ing with J-Uno Saturday @ the "Get right".
    Thats what I heard...Lol



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