Friend Of The Week..

Jenny “Foreign Unity”

1. In one word describe to us who u are.Universal.

2. Do you have any secret/unusual talents? I seduce men who do quality work in any of the five elements of hip-hop; only to become my servants. I fail 99.9% of the time.Unusual talents? I can drive with my knee, put my mascara on, hit the blunt, pass the blunt, have my shoulder/cheek holding my phone and listen to music on maximum volume ALL Together. Shit if that ain’t talent, I don’t know WHAT is god dammit.

3. Tell us one secret, one truth, and one lie about you.Secret: I want Ray-j to be my boo and serenade me with that “sexy can I” track. Truth: That was my secret and my truth. Fuck. (Please don’t dis-own me hip-hop). Lie: A lot of people have this misconceived notion that I’m one of those strong, independent females. I am a strong, hard-working woman…but my mama still pays for my phone bill and my dad pays for my car insurance. Haha.

4. Your momma always said....“It doesn’t matter how pretty you are; if you have bad breath, smell funny, or aren’t well groomed, no one will take u seriously.” I took that shit pretty harsh ‘coz I remember her repeating that to me everyday as if she were beating around the bush. Like yo ma, if I smell, just say so.

5. How has blacknbling changed your life?I don’t think that mission has been completed yet. The blacknbling family is involved with changing my life daily with their fresh new concepts that attract only the flyest people in Los Angeles. I recommend making it past tense when God decides to give me a task as an angel in heaven.

6. I thank God everyday day that... (other then you're alive)I am part of a generation that believes in change and would embrace a woman or a black man as Future President. We’ve come such a long way.

7. To BLING or not to BLING?Blinging and blanging from my hair follicle to my toe nail (as jill would say).

8. Additional info you want us to blog i. e upcoming shows,cd release date etc.

Stay tuned and embed the name “foreign unity” on your thigh.

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