Friend Of The Week..


1. In one word describe to us who u are. ? Sexy Beast..Wait thats two words. haha I would say "relaxed."

2. What would you be doing if it wasn’t for photography? I would probably be finishing my degree and have a full time job as an editor. Its what I used to do.

3. Tell us one secret, one truth, and one lie about you......1. If I told you the secret, it wouldnt be secret...well maybe I'll tell you after we go to dinner. 2. I cant jump over a moving Aston Martin. It's a shame, I know. Kobe lied to me. I bought the shoes for nothing. 3. One lie. huh. Osama bin laden was just at my house and we grilled up some steaks with Issac Newton, Ghandi and Tupac. Biggie couldn't make it. he was stuck in traffic.

4. What is the most memorable photo u have ever taken and why?The most memorable photo i ever took was during my first year in college. I took a photo class in college. It was a picture of a Pentax ME. I took it with a hasselblad 500c. It wasnt the fisrt picture I took. But it was the first picture I ever developed myself in a dark room. Plus the camera in the picture was my first camera ever. It was given to me by my mom before she passed away. R.I.P momma. Still have to this day framed. It's turning purple because i didnt leave it in the stop-bath long enough. haha.

5. Your momma always said? She always told me a few things..

"Fear no man but god, and me"..Please believe, a belt to your ass will definately let you know who was the boss. She didnt play.

"I believe in you"...Evey parent should say this to thier kid. Shes been gone 12 years and til' this day always replay her saying it in my head.

And finally...
"Watch them hoes"... Well, she didnt ever say that. but I think if she had been around. i think she would have said something to that extent. haha.

6. How has blacknbling changed your life? Wow, other than meeting three of the coolest ladies on god's green earth. i would have to say that BNB has helped spark my creativity. Also without you all, i wouldnt be hip to alot of the happenings in the world. Actually its one of maybe five blogs I read. And the other four are strictly photography related, so that says alot.

7. Something you can't live without?There actually is a couple things...Women, film( Shout out to George Eastman)(R.I.P.), Camera bodies, Camera lenses, Strobes, Women, cars, Family, Friends, BNB and eggo waffles with french vanilla Ice cream. Oh yeah also Arizona Sweet tea, Black&White tea, Green tea(regular none of that light crap, we steady get our calorie consumption on) and Mucho Mango.

8. To BLING or not to BLING? I'd say bling conservatively and with style. In today's world everyone tries super hard to show each other up. So now there is so much bling in the world no one stands out and everything looks the fucking same. Fucking shiny!!! i miss the days were being yourself was cool. Fuck your Escalade on 30" rims, SB dunks, and fashionable print tee's. Give me a 67' Bus on porsche wheels, safari windows, two tone paint, a fresh pair of black chucks, jeans, a black tee, and a Medium format Mamiya and a house to sleep in. Thats my idea of bling. It's a little different than most peoples.

9. Additional info you want us to blog i. e upcoming shows,cd release date etc.

I am working on a Portrait photo book that will be distributed in NY and LA. I will be shooting entirely in Medium format. Alot of people have seen my work with my digital camera, but very few have seen my film work. I think people will like it. It Should be completed and preinted by Summer 09'. i am always looking for people to shot and shoot the shit with. so if your in LA hit me up. If you got a story, I wanna hear it and shoot you.

Be sure to check out a monthly event I work with do called FEEL GOOD FUSION. happens the last friday of every month at the Terrace in Pasadena.

I'm a member of Get large productions, So keep an eye out for a new Album Form "CP" aka Chris Phillips.

Also, Be on the lookout for projects from the the Animal Kingdom and the SuperFood Crew! Shout out to my entire fam. YEEEEEE!!!!!

I dont know if I get two do shout outs, but want to thank my parents forgetting me into photography. GOD. BNB for showing nothing but love. Kyla, Verbs(thunderpandaphotography), Denkym, P-world and all the other photographers I know. its you guys that keep me pumped up(no homo) to go shoot. And anyone who allowed, is allowing, or will allow me to work with them.

Shout out to SUPERFOOD CREW!!! ANIMAL KINGDOM!! GET LARGE PRODUCTIONS, The Scratch DJ Academy, R.E.H.A.B and all my friends and family.And as everyone knows....
"DON'T TRIP" haha
***check out rob's photos at http://www.filickr. com/robshot you'll love it.


  1. where can you see more of Rob's work?

  2. this was a great edition of Friend of the Week. loves it.


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