Ethereal Cereal - Songs I Like

I say it all the time; I love new music. Here are a few gems from some people who's music I cant get enough of. Call it a podcast, if you want. Download it and share it. This is the first of several of these fun little music tangents brought to you by BLACKNBLING.

me (intro beat) - Jamer$son - Pudge - Ras G - Samiyam - Pudge - Jamer$on & me. Thats the tracklist. lol.

And to all my Putney Swope fans, youll get it. To those who dont know, we're gonna have a Putney party sometime soon in conjuction with the Lovelution Prosper, and you'll get to see the film Putney Swope. In the meantime, if anybody wants to do a BNB movie night, holla and we'll set it up!

Ethereal Cereal - kyLA + blacknbling.

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