Hey Party People

Hope everyone had a prosperous holiday. The crew at BNB had great times with the homies, and got to support a couple dope events yesterday. We checked out The Spliff a REHAB last night, where we got to max and relax with our peoples and got to check out a great show featuring past Friend of the Week artists, Shawn Jackson and Co$$. After The Spliff was the Firecracker block party. This party was pure insanity. Everyone had fireworks, the music was cranked, there was a crazy performance from the 87 Stick Up Kids (not quite sure what theyre all about but fools dug em). Azul was in the place with the Peace In Iraq Photo Project, which is always dope. And lots of homies came out to support the event. It turned out to be a great time.

Tonight BNB is headed out to Boombox at Grand Star Cafe. Diamond D, JRawls and Percee P are among the guests tonight, so it should really dope. If youre around the Melrose area today, stop by the Diamond D in-store. (and buy me something)

Tomorrow the crew will be at the usual spot, the Do. We hope to see you all out tomorrow during this holiday weekend. We'll also be celebrating the birthday of The Queen of LA, Mona Lisa, tomorrow at the Do Over, so come through. Dont forget yall, $14 Sangrizzle carafes til 4pm tomorrow, so getchamindright.


ps. the Bling on the System mixtape is going to crack your head. get ready.


  1. Damn, I'm trying to get at that mixtape (can we call this one a mixtape? lolomglol < /Now On joke>).

    BnB is the dank... that BanginBlinginBloginurface!

  2. We're about a good time.


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