The Nitty Gritty : Frank Nitt Does Europe!

broadcasting live from munich, germany....frank nitt

what's poppin people? it's ya boy Frank Nitt, and like the heading says i'm live in germany, on tour with munichs own Dj Sepalot(redhanded lp go get it!!!) so where do i begin.....i guess it would be russia, moscow to be exact. and people if u have'nt been.. get your passport, get your vodka game up and, mannnnn! it's goin down!! from the moment i got off the plane and into immigration,( my international players know about this) i should have known it was goin down! why! cause deebo...thats right deebo..from friday....u got knocked the fuck out!..deebo was in the line next to me! no jail suit tho! and no sticky fingers! but that incident set the tone for this whole day, cause there is no way i could have predicted that one. so thru immigration, into the cab ,and on to the city. moscow traffic is the worst shit ever! what should be 15 minutes.... 3 hours! i learned this from our crafty cab driver who took the back streets, and that took 2 hours! did u know that in moscow any car can be a cab? and not u can take any type of car and make it a cab, i mean anyone driving down the road, can and will pull over and take your happy ass where u wanna go! they gotta get their money! the only problem is that it might be a benz, might be bucket, but my boy andrew said he would try to make sure we get a benz! but not this time..lol but the journey was eye opening. moscow is an extreme place. just as an example of how extreme it was, on this little ass two lane road we we're riding on u had buses, bikes cars, kids, cows, everything all together, on one side of the road it was a castle, fully equipped with the 10 foot privacy wall and the rolls royce in the driveway(which was the only place u could see in) and on the other side of the road, directly across the little road, maaaan! it looked like somebody found some old broken ass wood, some plastic and slapped them some ish together and pulled their car up to it and was like"fool i live here". no lie! no middle, just rich or poor..crazy. and that leads to the club, did i mention i never slept in moscow! anyway the club was like some movie shit,a real upscale posh place. incredible soundsystem, what every intimate hip hop joint should be like, so the people can enjoy. to get backstage u had to go thru the kitchen on some goodfellas ish, meeting the cooks and shit, and in the back.....lets just say that all types of medicines for recreational uses were available! but u know me just a blunt of moscows sweetest chiba and i'm good!(kids say no to drugs)needless to say this show was off the hook and lasted until it was time to get on the plane! so kids again if u get the chance go to moscow! i can't sum it up any better than what my crafty cab driver told me, it's the only thing he said in english, (he spoke to me and sepalot the whole time in the cab but it was in russian, neither of us speak russian) he said while holding some liquor and a cig," i drink, i drive, i smoke i'm a russkie what do u expect" and thats it the russkies just do it! dope place! now there are more cities and shows but i can'type anymore so i'll give u a clip of what the other shows we're like, check it out and i'll get with ya'll late......peace

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