So. on Easter Kyla and I were driving in West LA to some park to meet up with friends. On our way, we saw some lady selling the DOPEST Obama shirts I've ever seen. They had his face on the front, and were bedazzled with rhinestones. I mean, imagine the t-shirt pictured covered in bling. TOTALLY FABULOUS. I want one. but I want the $20 I spend on the shirt to go to Obama's campaign. Soooooo... I emailed Obama's people to pitch the idea to them. I also plan on hitting up LL Cool J and Diddy. If YOU would like a blingy Obama tee, please email Obama's people here.

Here is what I sent:
"To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Denise Ortega and I would like to suggest to the Obama campaign team to make "blinged out" Obama t-shirts. I saw a woman selling bedazzled shirts with Obama's face in rhinestones in west Lost Angeles the other day, and thought they were extremely stylish while making a bold statement. However, I was hesitant to purchase one because I knew the money wouldn't be in support of Obama. Many people have commented that they would purchase such shirts if they knew the money would be supporting Obama's campaign for President.

Thank you for your time."

I'm totally serious.
Get with it.

He is such a stud:

<3, BFK

P.S. for more information regarding Barack Obama and his campaign, please visit his website here.

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  1. he aint as hot as david beckham, but he IS a stud. orale...


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