The Nitty Gritty : General Info

Frank Nitty Says:

"whats poppin mudasockas? hope all is well with you where ever you are. ya boy nitty is all good! since this is a general info blog lets get straight to the meat of the matter(or the potato of the matter 4 u veg heads).lets start with the music, "The Concert Hall EP" is my first solo project and also the first release off my new label DigiPop. it's all produced by grammy nominated producer Young Rj and Craig Lane(young buck,dwele,slum village, etc), it features Big Pooh(little brother)and QD on the skits,and for lack of some better words.....that shit is crazy!!!!" Automatic" is the first single, it's on the page and u can download it for freeeeeeeeee!make sure u download that and get geared up for the ep, it drops in june!!! u can cop it at all ur fine digital retailers. u can also catch me on tour in europe for most of the summer, check the page for the dates and i'll add them as we go, so make sure u come back! i feel like craig talkin to smokey!(for my friday fans).also i got dem beats for the streets...lol..thats corny, but i got them tho! big shout to Dj Sepalot i'll be touring with him in europe starting in june, i'm featured on the first single " She Likes Me" from his lp that drops in june. and last let me send a big thank you to all the dj's,scrap dirty, my Needillworks fam, the cuties at BlacknBling, deirdre, ben and peter and er'body yup er'body around the world for helping me make this "The Year Of THe Nitty" and of course to all of ya'll for the support! keep bangin!

p.s. dj's if u need cleans and instros send me an email and i'll send it to u fasho....."

Frank Nitt


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