DJ Top 5

1. Co$$ - World Gone Blind. This is a real dope track. It's produced by Blu, so you should definitely give that a listen. P.S. They got a album called "Co$$ Sings the Blu's"

2. The Roots - Rising up. check out the video. pure sickness!

3. Tha L.O.C.K. - That's That Knock. Dope single from LA's dopest duo. Bump this in the candy painted el dorado cruising down the shaw.

4. 88 Keys - Just Like A Man (Feat. Guilty Simpson). The Death of Adam is gonna be a sick album. Here's a track that displays 88-Keys' production value.

5. Jimi James - Everything. This chick is dope! I first heard her at Crane's on a Tuesday night (What Up Quality Collective!) Reminds me of a late-night party jam. She will be having a show at The Temple Bar TOMORROW!

oh yeah, check this dope video from Taz:

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