BlackNBling DJ Top 5

BlacknBling DJ Top 5

1. Estelle - American Boy. Will.i.am is a beast with the beats. He sampled his own record! Anyway, this song should be blowing up ASAP. Every girl will be talkin about their "5'7 guy whose just my type"

2. Inverse - So Far. This is a dope song. This group rocks shows around LA. They will be at the SPLIFF on June 6th(Shameless plug).

3. Frank Nitt - Automatic. Yes, BlackNBling was the first place this song was introduced. Get with the times. This song is off Frank Nitty's new EP. The review of the EP should be up by Friday.

4. Sa-Ra - Hollywood - tRIPBOOGIE Classic! This track explains in detail what hollywood is all about. See ya on Thursday at Carbon!

5. Madlib (Beat Konducta) - Masala. This bollywood flip is crazy nice. One of my favorite tracks off the LP. Peep the pictures from the release party on BNB Flickr.

It's been a minute since I laced you with some dope songs to bump in the jeep.
Take these songs and show em to your girl/guy or your freak.
Val the Vandle

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