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sleazy stache brigade

As many of you have seen, the blacknbling "Sleazy Stache Brigade" has officially taken over the Los Angeles party scene. Our original members kyLA, the notorious BFK, J1, Katie/Lan, and Val the Vandle have been seen rockin staches all over town, and now word has spread to the masses. 2008 must be the year of the stache, cuz everyone is mad hyphy to join up with the brigade.
the heart of blacknbling is our imagery. The photos are what make us who we are; we're all about capturing moments that no one else can grab, and doing it while we're having some fun. blacknbling is all about individuality, and celebrating what makes all of us who we are. We rock the staches cuz corporate america // parents // the media // our jobs all want us to assimilate. The stache represents us mocking what they want. Sure, we can throw on a mustache like all those fake-ass prestigious "regular people" who secretly hate their lives, but underneath it all we are still a bunch of historical rebels who are taking over the entire world. We are musicians, artists, party-goers, nerds...we are who we are. We rock the stache to say EFF OFF to the mainstream; let us be who we are. and we are blacknbling.

if you still dont get it, watch this:

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