Guitar Center Sessions


Pete Rock, DJ Nu-Mark, Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, & DJ Revolution all in the same room!!!

Any producer would kill to have all these talents cats in the same room talking about music. I guess Guitar Center (What up Nate!) knew that and decided to put together one hell of a line up.

As DJ Nu-Mark played some funky funky jams, you already knew that the night was going to be filled with discussions on soul records, samples, and the beginnings of a culture known as hip hop.

The crowd gave a standing ovation when DJ HAPA, the host for the session, introduced Pete Rock. The night began with Soul Brother #1 giving us his earliest recollection of Hip Hop which included the sounds of DJ Kool Herc & Jazzy Jay.

He then went on to talk about the start of his DJ career and how he was directly influenced by his dad who was a DJ. As Pete described his upbringing, HAPA brought DJ Nu-Mark back on stage to discuss the process of creating a beat.

A few minutes after that, Just Blaze comes on stage and gives his input of what it takes to make a record #1 status. The discussion goes in the direction of sampling, and what do you know, 9th Wonder comes on stage to talk about everything from sample clearance to the arguement of mainstream vs. underground.

and if ya didn't know "Pete Rock comes from the underground" quoted from the man himself.

As talks progress to putting out your music by a major label or independent, DJ Revolution gives his thoughts that independent is the best way to fully satisfy true artistry. With all these smart, talented, and funny artists the session kept on for a good hour of stories about studio sessions, equipment, technology, and the future of music.

The night then opened up for the audience to ask questions to any one on the panel. As the special guest answered every question, you could tell that these guys really study music, the history behind it, and have a passion for it. As the session ended, people got a chance to get posters (or records if you brought them) signed, voice drops, and photo opportunities.

If you want more juicy details when you see me, tap me on the shoulder, and ask me.
special shout outs to Niles, Alex, and Snowman who were in the buildin!!!
hope you had a safe 420, why didn't anyone hit me up for a REAL SESSION???
I'm bout to go make a beat!!!

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