Friend OF The Week.


1. In one word describe to us who u are.?..focused

2. What would you be doing if it wasn’t for music?..playing baseball in pro"s or minor league's

3. Tell us one secret, one truth, and one lie about you..my dad was part of the black panther party/I'm a great cook/fear of elevators
4. The last thing I do at night is.?..turn my computer off
5. Your momma always said?..that she always bieleived in me

6. How has blacknbling changed your life?..by selecting me to be the friend of the week

7. To BLING or not to BLING?..to bling( shine my gift) not to bling (deal away with materialism) so both

8.Additional info you want us to blog i.e upcoming shows,cd release date etc...other information/currently have a cd out called dvooa display vol.1 which features trek-life jimetta rose, tam blu and others. I have a twin brother that makes beats he goes by the name LeeclaybangI have a new project coming out with reverb coming in fall of 08 headknod session tv blog spot coming soon and my dance company "UN-tiled Dance Co. will be presenting a sneak peak to our show "glorious" later this year.I'm starting Hip-Hop dance classes this sat april 5th @ lotus on the nile off crenshaw saturdays from 2-3:30pm....

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