Fashion Bits & Pieces : Big Pooh Edition

I know Def is our in-house fashion guy, but today I got something to say.

I appreciate dudes that arent afraid to explore fashion. I am so over white tees and air force ones. So, Ive decided to spotlight our boy Big Pooh. BFK and I ran into Pooh the other night out in LA, and this dude Pooh was dressed to kill. He had on a Polo seersucker blazer, baby pink Polo shirt, and exclusive Nikes with baby pink trim. The lining of his blazer was also baby pink (a perfect match to his shirt and shoes).
Now, I appreciate fashion of this caliber. There are few men, especially in the hip hop world, who are willing to branch out into real fashion. To those of you who do know whats crackin in the fashion world, hats off to you. I have a few select homeboys (Big Nate, Def Sound, Jamerson) who understand the ins and outs of menswear, so when I see dudes really putting forth effort I really dig it.
Anyway, I just wanted to shed some light on Big Pooh and his "Hamptons Meets the Hood" ensemble.

See yall at Nightlife. Guilty is here.

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