C.R.A.C. Knuckles REVIEW

Special edition of DJ Top 5 of week, I reviewed The Piece Talks.

Look no further, Its CRAC B*%#@

What up (Part 2) – Nice intro that defines what you will be hearing for the next hour. Ta'Raach and blu exuberate energy and chemistry that comes when 2 talented cats get together.

Buy Me Lunch – Features Noni Limar(vocals) & J1(Drums) (Blacknbling fam). Noni’s voice is very easy on the ears! It’s a breath of fresh air. This song will leave you thinking "these guys are really trying to make vibrant music, rather than some material BS.”

Love Don't- The Beanie Sigel sound bite reminds me of Madlib/Dilla productions. blu reminds you why he can put words together like nobody else. A story about the downfalls of life, sleepin’ on homies couch, etc…

Major Way - Cracholes taking it to another level with the lyrics...this is the song that the next are now on.

Activate Too - Skit song. Proves that the fun times in a studio session can be recorded and have a lasting image/sound/feeling

CRACHAUSE – Features J1 "The DEER" on the drums! This song had a real Triple P feeling.

Respect - Hard hitting drums. “Jesus and the hex got replaced by addidas and checks.” Crac proves why they the hard hardest spittin duo since Red & Meth.

Pop Dem Boyz - Raach spits a memorable verse for the intelligent enough. “talkin chewbacca blacka/razor blade tongues/guns be attached to young/and a shot of banaca to the lungs” – blu. This song teaches y’all wannabes how the real emcees supposed to spit.

Mr. Big Fizz – CRAC talking about those wannabe rappers. This song pretty much shouts out all those fake ass rappers talking about their money that they don’t got.

Chill---no hooks just bars of death.

Bullet through me -Shawn Jackson feature and blu singing on a track??? GO COP THE 12 INCH!

Credits - Ta'raach produces some of the most intriguing beats I've heard in a while. Everytime I hear them, I always wonder what he sampled.

Ready---a 14 minute bonus track starting off with a real phone conversation betwen Raach and blu.

This is just a preview of some of the tracks on The Piece Talks.




Val The Vandle

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  1. baby baby.. gotta keep it movin wit no commotion.. yaya..big ups to my peeps. and aquarius love and aries love and love all around..xoxo


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