Sir House Shoes John

sir house shoes john

Okay. I know. Im in trouble for this. But its worth it! Its so FUNNY!

In a battle of the "music guy with glasses", who would get the most worldwide street cred?!?!

DJ House Shoes VS Sir Elton John

Shoes got the hood on lock, which is a lot of effin people... but Elton J has old people, the gay community, flashy clothing lovers, and probably Oprah...
Lets explore this:

House Shoes stats:
1. Foremost authority on all things Dilla.
2. Detroit hip hop royalty. He is the ambassador of hip hop coming out of the D.
3. Apparently, he's got great taste in sunglasses (Gucci, b*tch!)

Sir Elton John stats:
1. Foremost authority in pop and rock music over the past 40 years.
2. Knighted in 1998. So I guess that makes him an "ambassador" of pop/rock music, since he was inducted in the hall of fame in '94.
3. Known for his wildout sunglasses and overall flamboyant style.

heres what we think -
BFK says:
"Hold me closer, Tiny Dancer..."
so i think that means Sir Elton takes the cake in her eyes

kyLA says:
i heart House Shoes aka White Chocolate

What do you think???

oh yeah, heres a House Shoes mix to listen to while you ponder courtesy of our friends at HVW8.


  1. I was taken out of context. lame.

  2. shoez podcast is on point and stays on my dope ass music page...peep game!



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