Guilty Simpson "Ode To The Ghetto"

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to peep the new Guilty Simpson LP before anybody did. Thanks to my dog House Shoes for keeping it real. He gave me the ok to review the album for all the heads.
Here’s a breakdown of the album advance: GO COP THAT SHIT wHEN IT DROPS!!!

American Dream - Guilty's debut record starts off with a strong banger for the trucks in the D. Guilty just spitting that realness that America provides for the inner city citizens. Madlib productions accent Guilty's voice so nicely.

Robbery - That rude shit that people do just to survive. "My Loot is like Dave Chappelle, funny as hell" True hood tales

She Won’t Stay At Home – the sample is dope! Detroit sampling motown is paying respects to hometown entertainers. Song about the crazy women, we can all relate.

Footwork - Black milk x Guilty what a nice combo. Hood anthem! Song for hustlers Real D-boy music.

Ode To The Ghetto - Visionary tale of people in the hood. This song is a perfect definition of life in the ghetto. It ain’t all fun unless you can see through the grime.

Getting Bitches – the standout track. Mr. Porter puts his magic touch on this record. Banger of the Year. What life is about " Getting bitches, getting riches"

I Must Love You - Love song. Everyone gotta have them. Somehow Guilty manages to make a love song dope and its also entertaining. Tale of the life of a star and the need for that down ass chick

The Future - MED feature. Nice change up in momentum. This track showcases both emcess and their rhyming prowless.

– Produced by Madlib. FUCK THE POLICE ’08. Speakin’ on those punk muthafukas. corrupt cops and law officials and the fucked up shit they do.

My Moment - Shout out to the Detroit scene. Drugs, rap, and gritty-ness is straight hip hop. Guilty is the great lakes version of Ice Cube!

Run - Sean P & Guilty what a dangerous thang. Similar grimey flow. Spititing that real boom bap. Black Milk on the hook adds that anthem feel.

Kinda Live - Another song for those chicks that support to the fullest. He rides the beat with ease, its amazing how the simplest song can be flipped.

- Madlib provides the backbone for this hard hitting braggadocios rhymefest. Guilty is keepin hip hop alive by staying true to what he knows best.

The Real Me - Hard drums are Black Milk’s signature. A upbringing tale. Growing up in the hood is never a new thing. Guilty’s vision of ghetto lifestyle is so universal.

Kill Em - Punchlines galore. Stadium status beat. Guilty brings the lyrics. Nice vocal sample by Boot Camp Clik’s Buckshot.

Almighty Dreadnaughtz - Guilty brings out the family for a posse cut. The love that Detroit has is beautiful. Everybody supports themselves. The city has a scene of killer artists.

So, after you read these Vandle Notes, GO COP THE ALBUM WHEN IT DROPS MARCH 31st

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