Big Pooh // Rock // Buff1 Videos.

Here are a few videos you guys GOTTA check out.

Packing 101 With Buff1
Ann Arbor's finest gives us the low down on how to how get a kabillion things into a suitcase while on tour. This is hilarious, and you may want to take notes if youre going anywhere any time soon.

Doin Time 101 with Rock of Boot Camp

This is classic. Rock gives us the inside scoop on getting locked up. YOU GOTTTTTTA see this yall!

Big Pooh + RJ Rice Exclusive Track!!

Little Brother emcee + Detroit Super-Producer collab on a track for their forthcoming project. This is an exlusive track, featuring photos from BNB.

Check it out, people, we got much more for you on the way too. Check in with us constantly, and be sure to refer to the party schedule so youll know the haps for this weekend (starting with House Shoes birthday party at Tripboogie tomorrow night!!)

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