Big Pooh, Not Winnie the Pooh!


[Talking to the homegirl Debz]

her: so ur going [to the kev brown/LMNO instore @ Fat Beats]
me: prob
her: cuz
im going.
i think.
me: cuz i need to exchange my box set
and i didnt get to yesterday
cuz i had to shoot pooh
her: bear
me: not like winnie
like big
her: yes like winnie
me: not winnie, big
her: winnie damn it
me: lol
i cant go around saying i shot winnie the pooh
her: thats G

I can, however say I shot Rapper Big Pooh of Little Brother...cuz I did. Yesterday in Leimert Park, we hung out for a couple hours and took some photos. Check them out here:

Rapper Big Pooh - kyLA of blacknbling photos.


  1. its aiight girl.
    whateva you say.

    winnie damn it.

    tnight was well needed. again, soon, prontizzle.


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