Today BNB wanted to put yall on to some new hotness. Scheme Magazine got up with Rozzi Daime and did a really dope interview. The homegirl Noni put me onto Rozzi's music (theyre BFFs and both are AMAZING artists), and Ive been quietly fannin' over Rozzi's stuff ever since. Rozzi's style of "Avant-Glam" music is the truth; thats all I can say. Shes worked with many of your favorite artists and will soon become of of your favorite artists. So peep the interview, listen to the songs, and try not to stalk her once youve checked her out.


“It’s got to sound like warm cotton candy on a Ferris wheel, the first day of summer after you just lost your virginity that night. Doesn’t that just sound delicious?”
Delicious indeed! Daring, provocative, magnetic, graceful and intelligent are only a few of the many different ways you could describe her sound. Rozzi Daime is the artist responsible for allowing you to remember your first time, every time. Why shy away from what matters the most; sex, lust, love, envy, desire. She’s an open book, candid and unapologetic. Her music is lyrical freedom and she has no problem stating the things you mean to say, but are too afraid to. “Authenticity is the most important thing when it comes to music. I have songs about everything from my ‘cock’, to my God; all are pure expressions of my emotions at that time.”


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