Scene It :Adventures of KK and BFK

As part of our new goal system for 2008, BFK and I have decided to make the most out of our days. Instead of sitting home eating Hot Cheetos with Limon and daydreaming of our future riches, we've decided to get out into the world and have some good ol' adventures.

Todays adventure was Venice Beach. We walked the ENTIRE stretch of Venice. Not just the cool part with all the weirdos, but the part that is JUST beach. Of course we avoided all the sand, and there was no way we were gonna touch the water, but it still felt fairly beachy to us crazy city girls.

The beach is a funny place. Especially Venice. There are all the sideshows, all the beggars asking for weed money or beer money, the hoodrats with bikini tops and bellys and bad attitudes, and then theres everyone else.

Everyones so different, yet really all the same. Its dope. The diversity makes it worth the trip every time. Oh and you gotta love the "listen to my CD" guys with the headphones and CDR's for sale. Now thats real hip hop. And just when you pass the guys with the CDs you get to the tarot card readers, the smoke shops, the incense and all the cultural artifacts. I love it.

I think I bought enough incense to last a lifetime. Nag Champa for days. And I had to hit the Jamaican shops to get licorice root and an Afrika patch.

And of course all the while I was taking pictures. That really made the day. check em out:

Anyway, lovelies, keep a close eye on the BLACKNBLOG. We have some big thangs poppin.
Here are a few treats to leave with you with, too:

Bunch of hip hop people in this video; Shoes DJ'd this event

interview on Rawkus website, words by the homegirl LC

Rhetts Uber.com blog

boomark that site too, its the homie Tiron's blog "theexactly.net", its dope.

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