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If the Wizard Of Oz had swagger, his name would be TaRaach. Last night at FRCKR proved to be yet another manifestation of greatness, as could only be expected. Special guests for the night were Gas Lamp Killer and "The Wiz" aka TaRaach. Residents Azul, Coleman, Alfred and Kutmah held it down as well. Lots of friends and fam were in the house, as well as Raach's partner in rhyme, Blu.

I call TaRaach the Wiz cuz hes dope on so many levels talent-wise. He makes impeccable beats, he emcees, DJs, runs a business (The Lovelution Prosper), and gets love all across the globe. He does everything there is to do, but hes just "a guy", much like the Wiz. TaRaachs presence is one of a powerful essence - he can be fun-loving, but most know him for his "serious as your life" mentality. Whats amazing about the dude is he's focused. He doesnt let any one or anything compromise his success. He does what it takes to be in top, no matter what.


And Friday night, at Firecracker, Raach aka "the Wiz" was all the way focused.

Have you ever been so focused that you cant see anything outside of yourself and what youre doing?? Like the "dont eff with me Im tryina do this" type focus...??? Have you? Thats Raach right now. He will get rich. Cuz hes all about HIS vision and HIS music and HIS happiness.
Admirable, huh?


Musically TaRaach brought the heat, playing everything from Big Tone to PPP, Mobb Deep, Common and even a few of his own tracks. He played West Coast, Detroit, and some gutter ass East Coast classics; it was dope. The crowd danced up a storm. The DJ's cheered him and went wild periodically as the next song blended in on the tables. Blu got to vicariously DJ while he co-hosted the night. And me and BFK had front row (with camera, of course) of Raach doin his thing, promoting The Lovelution and playing some classic records for the people.

Hats off to you, Raach. You did the people right. Prosper. GETRICH. whatever it takes, right?

* raach isnt really called the Wiz, he just is in my mind.

cash rules everything around me,

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