LA is one of several well known meccas for hip hop. Some of the best artists of all time came from LA, performed in LA, and live in LA. And we all know, BNB *hearts* LA...
LA isnt the only spot with talent. So, Ive decided to start shedding light on other people, places and things within the hip hop community that arent LA based.

For starters, we have Metaphor, an emcee from Minnesota known for his skill as a battle rapper and all around dope-song maker.

Check out this article written about Meta:
(paragraph 3)


and Meta's myspace www.myspace.com/metasota

Trust me yall, the man got raps for days. I love this dude.

Be on the look out for more out of towner artist spotlights on the BLACKNBLOG. holla.

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