J DILLA changed my life -VANDLE EDIT

As we celebrate the life and legacy of J DILLA, we are sharing stories of the presence that DILLA left on us.

Here's my story:

Being a DILLA fan since I first heard Runnin' in 95, I could only fathom how DILLA would sample some of the dopest breaks, chords, and audio bytes.

Trying to find every sample would be rediculous, but one guy has them!

His name is House Shoes. I got the chance to meet and actually kick it with one of DILLA's closest friends. It was a decade after discovering and following DILLA that I would get to bring up some of the questions that I always wanted to ask.


One of the most memorable moments of my DJ carreer.(Even though I didn't get a chance to spin)

I spent the car ride from Los Angeles to SAN DIEGO, listening to nothing but UNRELEASED DILLA.

It was amazing how music he didn't get a chance to put out and the amount of work he has released is crazy.

So even though I never got the chance to meet DILLA, I was blessed by his spirit that night.

Peace to the Gods,
Val the Vandle

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