We're Kind Of A Big Deal...

BNB got some press this week, c/o CREATIVE CRISS CROSS, an online network of like-minded artists of all sorts.

check it out:

♥ CCC Member of the Week ♥ - kyLA // blacknbling.

♥ CCC Song of the Week ♥ - "Your Love" by Noel Zancanella

aw shit.

we done did it again.

i wanna tell you something about our member of the week, kyLA. kyLA read the instructions and sent us an e-mail. she joked about being a big deal, and we think she really is. you can now find her all up on the CCC page.

contacting us works!

if you're interested in being member or song of the week [and you're dope as eff] then holler.

see you next week, you sexy beasts


aj / CCC♥

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