Personal Mecca

I was speaking with a friend tonight about life and love and the challenges therein, and I realized something:

We all need a personal mecca.

My friend had just come back from one of his personal Meccas, and while he was out there he got to regroup and take some time away from all the drama and superficial craziness of LA. I think Im jealous... I dunno, I just feel like we all need periodic retreats from the routine of LA, the hype of LA, the party scene, all of it.

There are days that I just want to run away from Los Angeles. I love it here; I was bred here. But the mentality and the stress of my california life gets to be too much. Ive never been a traditional Cali girl...none of the BNB crew are. We are cut from a different mold.

Its funny, cuz soooo many people in the LA scene thought I was from the east coast. Rhettmatic blogged about me and mentioned that I was a dope chick from "Detroit". Fools ask me about my accent all the time. Guys ask about my way of thought, my swagger, my style, and ALL thing Im from the east. But Im not.

The thing is...My Personal Mecca is New York. That is my promised land. New York is where my talents as a photographer flourished, where I met some of my best friends, where I grew into independence...New York holds a piece of my heart.

Im doing all this ranting about personal meccas for a reason. I want to encourage you to find your mecca. Discover the place that is your "happy" place...

and share it with us. send me a pic of yourf Personal Mecca to everything@kylawright.com
and we'll post it up.

My Mecca, My 2nd home, Brooklyn:

A Train




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