MLK Day...the most awkward holiday ever.

Okay, so Im used to being the only black chick around. I mean I grew up in OC. It comes with the territory. But I am officially declaring Martin Luther King Day the most awkward holiday to ever exist.
Heres why:
Im at work today and this (really nice) girl comes up to me and is like "oh Kyla, Ive been looking for you all day! I asked where you were but you were on lunch, but I really wanted to wish you a Happy Martin Luther King Day!!" Then she proceeded to give me a high five, grinned and scampered away.

I stood there, stumped, my hand still in the air from the high five, and wondered how many other people she wished Happy MLK Day to. I mean, Im the only Black Girl in my department, but definitely not the only one in the store. But I wonder if she sought each of them out, high fives a-blazin, to cheerfully wish them a Happy Black Day...or maybe Im just special. Hmmm...

Anyway, ONE TIME for MLK. High Five.

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  1. lol. so true. HIGH FIVE!!!!
    DIG it!


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