As I sit in kyLA's room reflecting on '07, looking through pictures, and watching kill bill vol 2...
I can't help but smile at all of the friendships made
and laugh at all of the good times shared.

BLACKNBLING started '08 out the right way.
With family, liquor, chips and salsa.
Baby pictures, photo albums, you tube and strippers on poles.

Ab-scissor, wine, sunglasses and Aunt Jemima

Waves, faux-hawks, beats, and blunts.

And Jamerson wins the award for the most spills and mops.

OK, I'm sick of uploading pictures.
You get the point.
All in all it was a pretty good way to ring in the new year.
Don't forget to send us your NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS!!
And remember, BLACKNBLING loves you.


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