Chris Clarke Speaks On : Emo Kids

Chris Clarke no-likey EMO. peep:

and just a little added bonus for all you sucka ass suckas who dress in this new "hip hop//emo" fashion hybrid. Save it for BlackNBling, we do it right...you do it WRONG! (except Jamerson)


how to dress emo

the Emo Romulan look - short, thick, greasy, dyed-black hair with bangs cut straight across the forehead, and cut high over the ears. Someone from Time In Malta recently described to me the San Diego Crimson Curse scene as "Spock Rock."
actually, any greasy dyed black hair. Bangs in front and spikes in back is very emo too.
horn-rim glasses, or at least thick black frames.
bald head, furry face (boys only). Goes especially well with horn-rims.
heavy slacks, often too tight and short.
thin, too-small polyester button-ups in dark colors, or threadbare children's size t-shirts with random slogans. Button the collar if you got one.
clunky black shoes
gas station jackets. This has diffused a lot over the years though, it's no longer exclusive to emo kids. Nowadays, you may want to select a nice corduroy denim jacket.
also classic outerwear but quickly diffusing to normality: the famous Blue Peacoat
barrettes on boys
make-up (male or female)
too-small cardigans and v-neck sweaters
anorexic thinness. Veganism helps here.

Be on the look out for more BNB Fashion moments, and further rants from our favorite hip hopaholic, Chris Clarke.

ps this is hip hop // emo gone right:


213* couldnt get enough. hahaha. love yall.



  1. dont ask me why but this ironicly made me think about how now urban outfitters sales the dick in a box as novalty.

    Fact of matter is that true fashion heads know even that tight and baggy means nothing at all for emo fashion. The tight or greeser look with auto shop coats was for anarchist who were in turn no different then black panthers who were against the system. Oh wait did i just snitch.....SHit i forgot the stop snitching rule. Oh wait i just told on a white person....Its all good right?

    current thought:
    American Gangster the album

  2. yeah snitching is okay under those circumstances. glad youre commenting, keep it up!


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