The BNB girls caught up with LA's Rookie of the Year, Blu, the other day for some quality kick it time.  Magically, a photoshoot manifested as a result of some good ol' chillaxin.  Heres what we got:



Pretty fresh huh?  We shot blu at a secret location and had a blast doing it.  [pause]
As most of you know, blu is the next big thing in hip hop.  Hes got a show along with TaRaach of the Lovelution next week at tRIPBOOGIE.  They are a real deal holyfield hip hop crew called CRAC KNUCKLES
and have a new record coming soon n all that good stuff.  Their old record, called Piece Talks, is super hard to find but it does exist (CD only).  Ask the right person and youll come across some of their tracks, but it is pretty exclusive (-lusive, -usive...I do my own echos).  New stuff is on the way though, and the album is dope.  
And Blu of course has his solo album, which was everybodys favorite record of 07, "Below The Heavens" along with Exile.  If you dont have it, get it off iTunes or directly from Blu.  And be on the look out for all the new hot ish from LA's own B -L-U.

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