So on Tuesday, Kyla and I took a little trip down to Melrose.
Of course we stopped by our favorite record shop, FAT BEATS.
Few interesting people and bought some dope shit.

Kyla's Hello Kitty debit card and new JDILLA box set

If anyone has any info, let us know!!

This is Carlos. He came to LA to go to the Tattoo expo all the way from Dallas Texas.
He got this dope piece of his mom, Esperanza. Its a portrait of her from 1955 when she was 20 years old. The work was done by Jose Lopez of Low Rider Tattoo in Orange County. It was hella sick in person and he was dope as fuck too. Shout out to Carlos. Mad love! Spread the word about our blog, and we'll see you in FAT BEATS the next time you're in LA, homie!

This, my friends, is the new intern at fat beats! He also has some pretty fresh ink done by Sizer at the Body Electric in New Orleans.
Mad love to you as well, newbie!

Anyway, I really gotta clean my room.


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