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Lovely People:

Its time to wipe the slate clean yet again as 2007 comes to an end. Every year we resolve to do better; we want to lose weight, save money, get healthy, go back to school. We strive to rid ourselves of vices, to be better men or women, whatever we can do to get a new lease on life.

This year Im making realistic resolutions, and sticking to them. Im sure Im not the only one out there resolving this or that in my life, so I want to hear what you plan to do next year to be a better you.

I believe in being accountable to others, so Im going to share my resolutions with you, and itd be dope for you to do the same.

Write in and let BLACKNBLING know what your 2008 Resolutions are, and we'll post them in the blog. We'll add your name and resolution to the list, or keep your name out if you want to remain anonymous.

To get on the BLACKNBLING 2008 New Years Resolution list:

- reply in the comments
- myspace BNB (myspace.com/iloveblacknbling)
- myspace kyLA (myspace.com/eclectickyla)
- email everything@kylawright.com

love you all and cant wait to hear from you.


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  1. I resolve to smile more, drink less, give as much as I can and only take as much as I need. Ditch the heartbreak, reclaim my camera and rediscover London through its lens, stay here UNTIL i feel better, not run away to try and feel better.....make my website, make my radio shows every week, podcast them every week, and.....to make some goddamn MUSIC already!!! xxx


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