I know this blog is about blacknbling, but today I feel like talking about blacknwhite. Not like, racially, but just the opposite ends of the spectrum in life that a lot of us are torn between.
I used to be a poet, but now Im a picture taker, so Ill use photos to paint the images of my words.


In my world, the community that Im in, youre either "fly" or youre not. Theres not a lot of middle ground when it comes to self image or appearance, and frankly I think that sucks. Hollywood puts the pressure on for us all to fit into a mold, but in our world, none of us fit that typical Hollywood persona. BLACKNBLING is all about being who you are, not who they want you to be, and I feel like lately Ive been in turmoil with who I am versus who Im perceived to be. Have any of you ever experienced that?


On the real, I grew up in OC. A lot of people think I am from Detroit, or New York or wherever...but not the OC. I rep LA hard cuz thats where Im originally from, but OC grew me into who I am today. Self image was only half the battle. Being black in orange county led to a verrry self-contained adolescence. Have you ever been different than everybody around you? I have. I was labeled "urban" by people afraid to say the word BLACK. I was a "minority" even though inside I always felt so "major". I guess thats why Im BLACKNBLING. Can you relate?


Ive come to realize that I 'am' major. So are you. Cuz we are a part of each other. And this community we exist in, it is major. We aint jiggy, we arent fake, we know the real, and we stick together. This world, based in the commonalities of music, fashion, and personal awkwardness gone right, is our home. Its what we have come to be. We rule the world. Think about it...
our music moves. our art makes sense. our fashion is unique. our love is supreme. We hold the power. Thats so dope to me.


And with all that said, I feel like we are a reflection of past generations, but with a twist. Everything old is new again, even in the arts. I am tryina be the new millennium Gordon Parks and make an impact on the world through imagery. I want to chronicle our history, and capture the BEAUTY, the HOOD, the COMMUNITY
and show the people who just dont get it WHY our world is such an amazing place to be.

Like Ive always said, BLACK is the reason, BLING is the reward. I am, you are, this generation is BLACKNBLING.



  1. gradient from white to black and vice versa makes me happy.

  2. LOVE the spectrum.

    and everything in-between that you portray for us through your eyes/lens/& craft.


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