don't deny me my throne be a part of it

my homegirls in bnb really know
how to rock the freshest accessories
chains, glasses, rings
bling bling bling!
i luv it!

i, however, have always been pretty minimalist
when it comes to adornment
a beautiful ring here
sum gorgeous simple earrings
a cute bag & happy shoes & im good to go

between my sarcastic mouth & flare for drama
too much gold on known is just too much

despite this commitment to the simple life
there is one accessory i absolutely need for 2008


i am a queen
not in that bullshit earthy way
but in the lounge, eating grapes, getting fanned & massaged kind of way
in the proud, classy, serve my man, yoni made of diamonds kind of way

i am a queen
borne of a queen
a mother who i called the other day
while she was wearing sumthing that looked like this

she refuses to bullshit, do dishes or be deemed wrong when shes wearing it
im getting mine today

when u see me in the streets
wearing my crown
remember to bow

your crown has been bought & paid for, all u gotta do is put it on ur head

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