Bacon and Cabernet : A BLACKNBLING Adventure

prelude to this blog:
at some point during the trip, J1 and Leo ate bacon and drank Cabernet at the homies house while me and BFK were at the hotel asleep. Bacon. and Cabernet. I dont get it. But there was a bacon fight somewhere in there. Sounds Hilarious to me. And...I honestly feel that the best way to describe this trip to the bay would be


this trip was a beautiful marriage of ghetto and glamour. black and bling. grime and shine. So this blog shall be titled, Bacon and Cabernet: A BLACKBLING Adventure


hey lovelies!

The BNB crew is back from a rollercoaster of a trip to San Francisco. This trip was pure insanity...here are the details:

We decided to leave at 4am on Thursday to head up to Frisco. BFK kicked it at my house til around 1am, finalizing the art and getting all the last minute details together. At around 2:30 I decided Id better pack, so I threw all my crap in a bag and sat down for about 15029 minutes. Then it was time to go pick up BFK and wait for Leo to arrive. Once Leo got to the crib, we packed up our stuff and the art and headed to pick up J1 (THE DEER). We drove and drove and drove...thank God for Leo, shes a G behind the wheel. By the time we got there, I was effin delirious with exhaustion. So theres probably a lot of stuff that happened that I slept through lol.

Once we got into the city, we went to Js homies crib. Somehow we all ended up with new gangsta names...Im "Basic Blak", BFK is "Deja Vu", Leo is "Caramello" aka "Whisper", and J1 is "Cholo Ghosto". hahahaha! oh and J's boy is now known as "Shades of Brown". haha
Anyway, so we all go with J's sister Noel and her homegirl to Haight Street for some shopping and kick it time.

Haight street was dope. We went to this little bar and had pomegranate ale. Some British dude from Mexico bought it for us lol. He fell in love with Leo at the bar too, it was hilarious.

While we were drinking beer and talking to the British dude, J1 was at one of his favorite recod stores diggin.

Finally on Thursday afternoon we made it to the hotel. Niggas had the KING SUITE at the Marriott downtown. We unpacked, ate some random pizza and us girls fell asleep.

Friday morning I woke up energized. I walked downtown San Francisco and photo'd along the way. I got a few frames that will be for the BLACKNBLING Book, when the time comes.

I walked down to the main drag and peeped all the dope shopping. The city is gorgeous!! So many people, and the architecture! bomb.

So after my walk around downtown, I went back to the hotel and waited for the girls to get ready for the day. We shopped and giggled and did girl stuff. We tok advantage of the three story Forever 21 and the 2 story H&M, walked around Powell street and just had a good time.

Later in in the day we went to the Minna Gallery to hang all the art.

The WAR event started and lots of people came through. The art was on the wall, music was playing, everyone was happy. I took some time to shoot the DJs, as I always do, and then kinda chilled to just observe the whole event. Much love to Noel for putting the whole event together, and for bringing me out to participate.

oh and of course one of the nights highlights was my favorite girl on earth, NONI! being there.

Shouts the Donye from the Barnyard from coming all the way from LA to the show And much love to the new homies Michael Austin and DJ Haylow!!

At some point during the night, the Madlib photo came up missing. We thought he got jacked. But...false alarm. The breakdancers knocked him off the wall. Apparently at Frisco parties people dont actually dance dance, they just do the whole breakdance circle deal. So that was a little different...

The night came to a close and it was great. We went back to the hotel and cooled out. Saturday we packed up all the stuff and checked out of the hotel. We went to Noni and Dannys in Oakland for a while before we drove back to LA.

In Oakland, we went to the flea market. I felt so at home there. Black people. Happy people. Earthy people. Hood people. It was so right.

Denise got a massage from some hippies while I record shopped. Leo and Noni bought insense and looked around at all the markets goodies. We smelled home made soap and looked for aura cleansing soaps.

We bought cobbler and bean pie on the way out. BFK had her first bean pie. lol.

Shouts to the Nation of Islam for the amaaaaazing bean pie. And for holding down the hood.

So anyway, after the flea market we went back to the house, and I showed off my new records. Somehow J and Danny ended up running down to the flea market, and returning home with records. I think I got the best ones though, but dont tell J i said that. hahahaha

After an eventful day, we sped back home to LA. We stopped for "food" on the way home at McDeaths...


and kept it pushin all the way home.

all in all, BLACKNBLING had a ball as we did san Francisco.


  1. So AMAZING!!

    I'm so proud of you girl!

    Can't wait for the 15th!:)


  2. yo that break dancing picture is fanfuckingtastic.


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